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Stationery , Art, Craft and Clay materials

Stationery , Art, Craft and Clay materials Child Development Ankuram Co- Curriculars Activities

• Unavailability of stationery , art, craft and clay materials in these schools• Poor economic background to get these materials by their parents• Sometimes, if there are more than one children in the family, they have to use the same pencils, ...

Helping built school Infrastructure

Helping built school Infrastructure Child Development Ankuram Academic

Conforming to the popular perception of government schools, a number of our partner institutions were found lacking in basic amenities like water, toilets, boundary walls, electricity connection etc. Though not directly impacting learning outcomes,...

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration Child Development Ankuram Birthday Celebration

Birthdays of children falling in any given month is celebrated collectively on the last saturday of every month in the selected government primary schools. Our interns organise art, dance, stories and music competitions as well as sport-related...


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