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Child Development

Quality Primary Education is an important pillar of any nation. ‘icareindia’ has taken an attempt to tackle the problem of execution and to set a framework that ensures knowledge goes from books to home. Furthermore, focus is not only on improvement in primary education but also to ensure holistic development of the children in Government Primary Schools through their operational adoption in order to turn them into productive resource for the nation.

These are the main programmes covered under Child Development Vertical.”


ANKURAM mainly focus on “Transforming Government Primary Schools” in Uttar Pradesh, through collaboration & community engagement not limited to just confining within the school precepts but it is also mobilizing the community…

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Ankuram Indradhanush

ANKURAMINDRADHANUSH (अंकुरम इंद्रधनुष) is conceptualised as an extension model of Ankuram programme to achieve much better results and also to scale up the ANKURAM programme.

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