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Community Empowerment

Vertical is an extension of the ANKURAM programme,to Child Development Vertical the community groups participate in the activities of the government schools where their children study, and provide necessary support. Our Community resource person (CRP’s) brings communities together into community groups, who have common interests/goals for social development. These groups collectively address several issues and take ownership of the development programmes running in their villages.

The Team emphasis on building understanding and resolving problems that young girls from rural areas face, such as inequality in education, health and hygiene issues, child and maternal care, social equality and justice. The team also focuses on upgrading skills of women in the community groups by providing necessary trainings. The team also organises regular health awareness camps on various general health and hygiene topics to help communities maintain good health and prevent outbreaks of diseases.

I Care India has recently added livelihood improvement programme under the community empowerment vertical. The livelihood programme focuses on farmer and young rural youth. It helps farmers to adopt very low cost zero budget farming model to produce quality organic food. It intense to improve their livelihood by fifty to hundread percent through near zero investment farming process. (No use of Urea, DAP and Harmful Pesticides), reduce loses, higher yield better quality crops and by producing quality seeds for next crop and market. It engages rural youth to facilitate the process of technical no-how transfer from local practitioner to the farmers.

These are the main programme covered under Community Empowerment Vertical.”


BHAGIDARI aims at uplifting the lives of under-privileged local communities in both rural and urban areas by ensuring holistic development of children, studying in government primary schools…

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