Tree Plantation Initiative - Save Future
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Start Date: 16/06/2014
End Date:
Tree Plantation Initiative - Save Future

We all forward jokes and other messages...pls forward this message to all your friends and request them to forward it to their friends too.

VERY IMPORTANT: Max Temperatures recorded in some Indian cities:

Lucknow 47 degrees
Delhi 47 degrees
Agra 45 degrees
Nagpur 46 degrees
Kota 48 degrees
Hyderabad 45 degrees
Pune 42 degrees
Ahmedabad 46 degrees

Next year these cities will cross 50 degrees. Even AC or fan will not save you in summer.

Why is it so hot ?????

In last 10 years over 10 crore trees were cut for widening roads and highways. But not a single tree has been planted by govt or public.

Please do not wait for government to plant trees.

Sowing seeds or planting trees does not cost much.

Just collect seeds of fruits like Mango, Lemon, Jamun, Custard apple, Jack fruit, etc.

Then dig two inch hole on open spaces, roadside, footpaths, highways, gardens and also in your society or bungalow.

Bury these seeds in each hole with soil and then water them every two days in summer.

In rainy season no need to water them.

After 15 to 30 days small plants will be born.

Please nurture them and ensure they grow big.

Let us make this a National movement and plant 10 crore trees all over India.

We should stop temperature from crossing 50 degrees.....

Please plant maximum trees and forward this message to everyone Lets distribute saplings as return gifts during functions birthdays etc.

We are putting efforts DAY & NIGHT to build assets (Cash, Properties and so much more) for a good future and particularly for our kids.

We are advancing technologically and infrastructural in perception of giving better world to our kids.

On other hand we are ruining the Greenery, Rivers, Underground Water & other Natural Gifts/Resources for our EXTRA needs/greed.

If it continues in India due to practically no CONTROL & CHECK-POINTS, we will land to a situation with no further survival.

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