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Founder’s Message

An engineering graduate in Electronics & Telecommunication and an IT-Telecom domain professional having 20+ years of total experience. Shifted to development sector after working with top MNCs in IT-Telecom domainfor more than 13 years that includes about ten years working in Switzerland. The objective was to follow my calling & passion and to use my thirteen years of international experience on the larger canvas of the development sector.

Main Message

icareindia is striving to achieve scalable and sustainable intervention by mobilizing everyone who has a stake in learning viz. the government, media, business community / corporate, teachers, parents, local community, youth and young students to value and demand better learning environment.The objective of the programme is holistic development of the children studying in government primary schools via quality learning and imbibing values,by channelizing young volunteers’ energy and skills in an organized manner. It would also help in tackling degradation of social fibre as well as natural rural environment, and building a future in which humanity lives in harmony with nature.

My last 7year’sjourney in development sector starts with, working for people of low income and extreme poverty by taking support of some experienced like-minded people, to understand the development sector and the real challenges. While working for the community, I realized holistic development of children as a result of quality learning with values is most important aspect given the fact “Millions of young students in low income section face the prospect of lost opportunity in later life because their primary schools are failing to educate them to succeed in life. Not only a learning crisis, also a great injustice to young students. This learning crisis is widening social gaps instead of narrowing them. Young students who are already disadvantaged by poverty, conflict, gender or disability reach young adulthood without even the most basic life skills”stated in World Bank Development Report 2017.

My passion towards development sector, international exposure, incredible support & guidance of advisory board, Sh. Raj Shekhar, Former DM Lucknow, other top officials and not the least a good committed team has helped me to achieve the same.We are trying to contribute to the cause, without financial support from the State and Central Government.Support from state/district functionaries and all sections of the society viz. corporate sector, civil society organizations, media, college faculties, school teachers, local community, youth will continue to strengthen our mission in coming years.