How Many Miracles

There is a town near Delhi known as Mohan Nagar named after the family that established this town. The flag unit of this town is Mohan Meakins and its chairman is Col. Kapil Mohan. The life story of Col. Mohan is very inspiring. He is not only a good entrepreneur but also a good human being. Starting as a non-believer, he turned into a staunch devotee of Maa Durga and has constructed a very magnificent temple dedicated to her. In fact, my curiosity to meet Col. Mohan grew only after visiting the temple. Soon this opportunity also came and we spent some time together. In the process, we developed a liking for each other.

After a year or so of this meeting, I had another opportunity to interact with him; this time in an informal manner. The CEO of Mohan Meakins, who happens to be a good friend of mine, had invited me to dinner. After the dinner he took me to Col. Mohan who was at his dinner table at that time. Col. Mohan called us to the dinner table and we started talking. I noticed that his food was very simple which was a reflection of his personality. While engaged in talking, Col. Mohan suddenly drew my attention towards the ring he was wearing in one of his fingers and said that the same was given to him by Sathya Sai Baba. He also said that the ring was collected by Baba fr om space. Further, he asked me if I believed in such miracles.

I had already heard of many such incidents but I hold no specific opinion about them mainly because such an opinion hardly matters either to the believers or the non-believers. So I responded accordingly and opined that we considered such events as miracles because we were not used to them. In my opinion, every event of Nature is a miracle but since we watch them happening every day throughout our life, we don’t consider them so. I gave the example of digestion of food, which I was watching, as we were on the dinning table. Our role in this process is lim ited to gulping down the food. The rest of the process is taken care of by Nature without any effort on our part. The large variety of fruits, plants and flowers we see around us is a miracle to me. Col. Mohan was convinced with this argument and our interaction shifted to other matters.

I contemplate over this issue quite often. The more I think in this regard, the more I notice the mystery of Nature. The best creation of Nature, a human being, is perhaps the biggest miracle and like this every creation of Nature is a miracle. Thus, how many miracles of Nature shall we count? We being equipped
with the power of ‘thinking’ and ‘intellect’ start believing that we are the doers. This is nothing but ignorance because these powers have also been bestowed on us by Nature. Let us, therefore, live in tune with Nature and make the best use of the many wonderful faculties provided to us.

The best creation of Nature, a human being, is perhaps the biggest miracle and like this every creation of Nature is a miracle.
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