Field Level Programme

I Care India is initiating a unique first-of- its kind field level programme “TRANSFORMING 100 GOVERNMENT PRIMARY SCHOOLS” jointly with Lucknow University and the affiliated colleges and many other Universities in Lucknow. It is a joint initiative with the government.

The current situation in government primary schools is so pathetic that even thinking about imparting education to the children going there is facetious. Improving education environment at Government primary schools, through micro planning and improved processes, in an organized manner, using Student Volunteers(YOUTH) energy and skills
with support of local community & senior learned citizens is the objective of this joint mission. This is a pilot phase of this programme and will be taken at state level in phased manner at next stage.

Active advisory chairperson of I Care India is Shri Atul K. Gupta, ex. Chief Secretary Uttar Pradesh. Through his long experience & able guidance along with support of other senior advisory members including Shri Ashok Ganguly, former CBSE chairman and IT competencies of the founder, we posses capabilities to deliver feasible and working
solutions. Lucknow Management Association (LMA) under the presidentship of Chief Secretary U.P. Shri Alok Ranjan has already associated with this programme as per outreach mandate of AIMA.

Taking it forward, we are organizing a WORKSHOP on SATURDAY 11th July 2015 at Visvesvaraya Audotorium, PWD Office, Opposite Raj Bhawan, Lucknow with Chief Secretary Government of Uttar Pradesh as Chief Guest of the INNUAGURAL session followed by a workshop and panel discussion.

We are trying to contribute to the cause, without financial support from the State and Central Government. We are confident that our selfless and tireless efforts will make a difference.

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