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Youth Development

The YUVA programme aims at harnessing the enthusiasm and energy of youth towards socioeconomic development of under privileged communities. The programme intends to develop these youth into community influencers/leaders who can bring awareness about important issues within their communities and act as knowledge centres. The icareindia’s YUVA programme provides them the opportunities to join in field exposure visit and community mobilization activities for personality development, behavioural qualities, and developing a sense of social and civic responsibility.

Youth as change maker :
    • To channelize the youth power towards socio-economic development and growth of the nation.
    • To motivate the youth to act as knowledge centre, bring awareness in the socially neglected/rural area and involve them in local development leading to nation building.
    • To empower Girls/Women particularly in semi-urban and rural regions.
    • Promoting national integration and eclectic outlook by involving youth in transformation of government primary schools and in community mobilisation to understand the community they work with to relate to the community, identify the needs and problems and involve them in problem solving process.

It will enable present youth by getting opportunity for all round development and realization of their fullest potential through field exposure and other programmes that lead to personality development of youth developing a sense of social and civic responsibility, democratic attitude and to develop leadership qualities.

Attaining documentation and demonstrative maturity i.e. life skills by encouraging them to host thematic sessions to show case their ground work.

These are the main programmes covered under Youth Development.”


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